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What do you want to do in Japan?


As an ex- Assistant Food & Beverage Executive Manager in Japan for many years, I have opened Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs. Even though I have tours built for those wanting to pick a package and go, it is amazing that Japan’s history dates back 2,679 years and has the longest Imperial Lineage of any country on earth and the impact the world has made on Japan concerning food is extraordinary, so therefore………

….. I WILL ALSO CREATE AND BUILD CUSTOM tours for those who want to experience a little deeper into Japan both culturally and culinarily (Is that a word?). LOL

Engraved in its culture are Shinto beliefs that reach back over 2,000 years and as Buddhism intertwined itself with the culture, and with the Chinese and Korean influences, Japan has developed a rich heritage, amazing food, stunning architecture and a unique and profound culture that I want to introduce to you.

Here are some ideas I would like to throw at you once you can return to Japan;

1) How about Soba Making from a Soba Master?

2) Maybe an authentic Samurai Sword Training class?

3) Want to make some Sushi with a professional Sushi Chef in Osaka?

4) Do you really know the story about WAGYU BEEF? Let me be your Guide.

5) A Japanese Tea Ceremony with our fifth generation Tea Master in Kyoto?

6) Lunch in a 100 yr-old home where the local lady that will serve you lunch is the great-great-granddaughter of a  local Samurai.

7) We can even visit little towns along Lake Biwa or northern Kyoto’s fishing port.

8) Even a night of Sake Bar hopping & tasting in Kyoto or Osaka.

9) My Osaka Street Food Tour is the bomb.

10) And do I have to even mention that I have an 18 hour (2pm ~ 8am) all-night Sake drinking tour that no one has yet to complete?


For those of you wanting to explore deep Japan, each little town has something special to offer.

Amanohashidate port in Northern Kyoto and a stayover in a Minshuku?

Futamigaura Shrine & Stayover near the most sacred site in Japan in Ise?

A walk in Yoshino in Wakayama prefecture where there was an Imperial Court before?

An Ohtsu Day trip near Lake Biwa so beautifully picturesque?

Maybe, a Yamazaki Whiskey tasting and Sake Brewery Tour?

A road trip to Odaigahara National Park for a four-hour hike in the mountains?

THERE, now I have given you a few options, have I not???

Tell me what you want, and I will make it happen.

I look forward to being your Guide or sending you with one of my amazing Guides.


Kind regards


Richard  “Hawk” Hawkins  Holomua

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