Before booking

Before you book that flight or purchase those airline tickets, when you start to plan a vacation or trip through whatever travel agency to whatever destination in Japan under whatever package that you’re looking for, take the time to think what do you exactly want to get out of your trip to Japan.

Is this a trip going to be for hot destinations, is this going to be a spiritual trip, a cultural trip or are you a foodie? I try to take people off the beaten path and get them into a local situation but at the same time try to balance that with the touristy kind of things. You know, the must go places or the must see places.

I think it all comes down to time and the surprise you get that Japan is just not a small country. It is jam packed with things to go and see around every corner. Every town has its own type of Ramen, it’s on Sake, its own Hospitality. Keep your mind open to explore and definitely when you come to this part of Japan, let me be your guide. Richard

Richard Hawkins

Author: Spirits of Japan

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