Japanese Pizza

So one of my few pet peeves in Japan concerns pizza. Not to say you can’t get really good pizza at some of these ‘stand alone’ restaurants, that have learned how to make an awesome pizza. I’m talking about the franchise pizza joints.

My first issue was trying to order a cheese pizza, seriously Pizza Hut? They told me they don’t have a cheese pizza, in which I informed them that every one of their pizzas has cheese. After about four-minutes of going back and forth over the issue and not being able to order this pizza, even after having a Manager step in and tell me the same thing, I ended up ordering a sausage pizza with no sausage.

They were clearly not happy with that and made me pay for the sausage that I did not get anyway!

The second thing, is these promotional pizzas that have everything under the sun that should not be allowed on a pizza. We have got people complaining about Pineapple? HA! Check this out. From shrimp and scallops, to cows tongue. It’s getting pretty excessive. It must be the demand that Japanese young people have whom are shunning your regular pepperoni and/or sausage pizza, maybe even throwing some mushrooms on it. They just are not fans.

They just don’t seem, or the majority of them anyway, to like it. I cannot figure it out. There big sellers at Pizza-la are Beef Stew Pizza, Crab, a Yakinikku Pizza and even a Kimchi Pizza! Want to try a Crab Gratin Pizza? How about a Mayonnaise and Potto Pizza? Call Dominoes.

Hell, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and I am old-fashioned and the pizzas that I just listed are sounding really good to a lot of you. In any case, if you didn’t know how crazy pizza can get in Japan, now you do.



Author: Richard

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