Lunch in a Japanese House

One thing I do as a guide, is that I try to make my guests feel like family. I have taken easily over 60,000 people on tour since 1999.

From the beautiful rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River at its base, from riding ATV’s in Sedona, Arizona, to trekking the Kaibab and Coconino National Forests. From the top of Mauna Kea, at over 13,800 feet, looking at the stars above the Hawaiian skies, to four-wheeling my awesome Jeeps over the lava terrain in the high desert.

I have driven 45~50 passenger motor coaches for years at the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and for Grand Ole Opry Tours in Nashville Tennessee, as well as on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have drive folks around that beautiful Island and to special events, watching beautiful sunrises on volcanoes and awesome sunsets and having many a Cowboy Paniolo Dinner at the beautiful Kahua Ranch.

I have talked about the detailed history at each place I have lived, about some of the 400,000,000,000 stars in our own galaxy and about the other millions and millions of galaxies in the universe. I have educated guests about  anthropology, biology, botany, bromatology, ethology, geology, geography, metrology, ornithology, seismology, volcanology, and zoology, as best I can, and as it pertained to the area and place we were at the time.

But nothing beats taking guests and providing them a ‘home’ experience. As visitors, you will go to landmarks, museums, places of interests that you find in Guide Books, restaurants you hear about on the internet or from other friends. But nothing, and I will say again, nothing beats sitting down in someones home and having a homemade meal prepared for you with no other patrons, no music, no menu, no worries at all.

Its places like this, out-of-the-way, never to be found by you unless you are with me. Something you will definitely never forget because you feel like family when you are there. You not only share the food you eat, but the experience of talking with a host(ess) of the home that has taken the time out of their day to serve you, just you, and make you part of their family, even for just a little while.

This is one thing I like to do as a Guide.


Richard Holomua



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