Kyoto Samurai Tea Ceremony & Sake


We offer you the ability to experience a rare type of Tea Ceremony. Buke Sado. From the Edo Period, this type of Tea Ceremony was everywhere. It booked form the mainstream system of how a Tea Ceremony was to be performed and the Samurai developed their own way of performing the ceremony. ¥3000 per person.

This Tea Ceremony is based on the Samurai Spirit. Samurai Warriors had one of their own make Tea for them for obvious reasons. 

You will have your tea prepared by a fifth generation Tea Master. As they have been Tea Purveyors for the past 150 years, they has earned the right to provide Tea to the distinguished Hongonji Temples and to the Grand Master of the Yabunouchi Tea School.


Whether in Osaka or Kyoto, I can set up really nice Sake Tasting for you to enjoy. As an ex-Assistant Food & Beverage Director, I am not only well-versed in Japanese Food but also Sake. Let’s take a little journey down Sake Road and explore the intricate tastes these different sakes have to offer.

Yes, that is my beautiful wife, Lani.

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