Osaka Sake & Sushi

We have a private venue available to use that you can come and two one of two things, or maybe both if you want to. Hell, it’s your Tour! Do whatever you like!

We know this gentleman who’s father went to Manchuria when he was little, dragged him and his mom along during the first Sino-Japanese War of 1894~1895. His dad was helping build a railroad at that time and when the war was over, they came back to Japan. The guy starts a little pushcart fishmonger business, walking through the streets of Osaka and then a few years later, sets up a little Fish Stand near present-day Kuromon Market.

In 1956, he opens a restaurant called Tachibana, and for the last 63 years, has served delicious Sushi out of his restaurant. His nephew ran it for a while and now the grandson (Hiroshi) and his wife (Hitomi), have closed the main operation and opened a Sushi School and allow us to use their private room for Sake Tastings.

It is a lot of fun but I do have to warn you, you have to eat your own creations!!!! LOL

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SUSHI CLASS 1.5 hours: ¥5000 per person

SAKE TASTING 1.5 hours: ¥3000 per person