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A picture is worth a thousand words!

No, Kobe is not the best Wagyu in Japan but I sure the hell will not turn down the chance to have some. Wagyu has been misrepresented and people think that only Kobe provides this type of Beef. There are actually many other ranches out there that can lay claim and have enough confidence that their Beef is better.

Whether it is Hida, Kobe, Ohmi, Kumamoto, Yonezawa, Maezawa, Miyazaki or the famed Matsusaka, it is fun to try the and I have the perfect tour for that. My Osaka Wagyu Tour.



Tempura has many styles and Osaka is where it all started. With its humble beginnings, Tempura has grown into an amazing array of restaurants, sometimes right next to each other, promoting their style of Tempura in Japan. I know Chefs who have turned down stars, some that will surely have one in the future if they continue what they are doing and street side Tempura places that will knock your socks off.